Astrology with Jb1writes

Cancer rising

Depending on your sun sign and moon sign.

The Sun in Sagittarius in the sixth house 

Some health issues regarding the type of nutrition intake and habits might start to affect you. If you don't feel good, don't hesitate and get checked. Some of you might be pursuing a higher education. You might feel overloaded. Don't give up. The fruits of your hard work will be worth it. Don't stress if you have to expand your traveling time.

Cancer rising

Depending on your sun sign and moon sign

The sun in Capricorn's in the seventh house

Communication problems and misunderstandings with younger siblings. It's all about relationships, whether it is with your family or children, you need. to work on that. It's the perfect time to start making improvements You also might be dealing with sudden lawsuits or business partner issues. If you're going through an emotional breakup. Make sure you don't look for alcohol or other substances as a way to escape or numb your reality.