“Be not afraid of going slow be afraid of standing still”.

Hello, I go by JB Guerrero or pen name: jb1writes also old pen name: jbonly1. I am owner and designer of jb1world4inspiration all copywrite rights are reserved. I was born and raised in East Los Angeles, CA on September 4, 1980, I am the oldest of five children. My mother was a single parent, and I never had a close relationship with my biological father, I was raised by my great-grandmother in a small house in Los Angeles. During part of my childhood, I spent it mostly in church learning Catechism and preparing myself, for my first communion. Growing up, I dreamed of becoming a police officer, but due to my health, that was not possible. In my teenage years, I remember not having much interest in writing, I was more of a sports person I never imagined that I would be writing short stories or poetry, but we cannot predict the future and things that can happen that change the course of our lives. So here I am, at age 41, writing poetry, short stories, and digital art designer for apparel clothing.

My goal

My goal is to encourage a positive impact in readers by writing and striving for a better life because if I can overcome obstacles with my disability and issues so can everyone else.